Medical Tapes


  • primasure™ Medical Tapes are commonly used for securing dressings and tubing but can be used in other applications.
  • It is strongly recommended that users consult their facility’s policies regarding clinical protocols around the use of medical tapes prior to use.


  • During application, the end of the tape can be folded over itself to form a tab that can help during the removal process.
  • If an edge of tape is difficult to grasp during removal, peel one corner slightly and apply another piece of tape to the corner. This will form a tab that can make handling the tape easier.
  • Patient suitable skin lotions can also aid in removal. Peel back the tape and use one or two fingers to apply the lotion to the adhesive where it meets the skin. The lotion will help disrupt the adhesion of the tape and your fingers will directly support the skin. Reapply lotion to the fingers as required for this process.
  • It is more comfortable to remove tape by peeling in the direction of hair growth rather than against it.


  1. Clean and dry the skin over intended application area
  2. Unwind the desired length of medical tape to maintain adhesion, avoid touching the adhesive area of the tape as much as possible.
  3. In the event that scissors are unavailable, tear the medical tape by placing the thumb and index finger of each hand on both sides of the tape near an edge. While grasping the tape, move your hands in opposing directions, towards and away from you, to create a tear. Continue the tear down the width of the tape until tape is removed from the roll. If tape has perforations, tear in a similar manner along perforations.
  4. Customize the tape size and shape as required for your application.
  5. Start by applying one side of the tape to the patient’s skin. Without stretching or pulling, smooth down the remaining segment of tape and ensure it is adequately adhered with no wrinkles or gaps in adhesion.


  1. Grasp a corner of the medical tape and gently loosen it from the skin.
  2. Stabilize and support the skin with one or more fingers and pull the medical tape back over itself slowly and parallel to the skin until it is removed. Pulling in other directions or angles may be more likely to pull or tear fragile skin.